Day Spa and Pedicure

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day spa coral springsThe general concept of SPA is aimed at a comprehensive relaxation and improving overall health. In a salon, the interiors, music, scented candles etc are very important to the mood of the client, and therefore the success of the spa.

A day spa is different from a destination spa in the sense that no accommodation is provided in a day spa. It also does not offer you a package that includes exercise programs and instructions on wellness like a destination spa. A day spa is designed for people who go there during the day while a destination spa typically requires at least two or three nights. Relaxing body treatments such as facials, pedicures, manicures, massages and body wraps are some of the services provided at a day spa.

A day spa has facial treatments for each skin type and are carried out by beauticians trained in skin care. For example, many day spas have microdermabrasion facials for cleansing acne prone skin. A day spa is for both women and men. It often brings men looking for hydrating masks which are designed to help relieve razor burns. Some day spas offer services such as facial, hair, or body massages.

A day spa offers a variety of massages by professionals masseurs. Usual massage sessions are timed at half an hour, an hour or even two hours. A range of massages and aromatherapy massage sessions by aromatic oils and candles are available. Services like foot massages, foot rubs with spicy ingredients like cinnamon and foot bathes are also popular treatments at a day spa.

Algae Gel for treating cellulite, hot towel wrap and / or mud wraps added with calming and pleasant smelling herbs are some of the types of treatments that are available in a spa. Some day spas also function as hair salons offering hair services and hair treatment options in addition to other body treatments.

Each day spa usually has a menu of services, times of sessions and prices available at the spa. These days one can visit the spa’s website to decide in advance on the services that one desires in the spa.
A spa also offers beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures. Quiet settings, bathrobes and slippers, clean sheets, professional products and healthy lunches and teas are all part of the experience of a perfect day spa. Some day spas conduct exercises like yoga too.


The Spa Pedicure is a nice wellness facility during which you can relax and unwind. It is a memorably pleasant, relaxing and revitalizing treatment for the feet. Skin treatments for dry or cracked feet are typical of a pedicure in a spa. Most spa pedicures include a classic pedicure, and special massage techniques for care of skin of the feet and nails.

At the beginning of the procedure you will find a relaxing foot bath with sea salts. It perfectly prepares the foot for further exposure. Dead skin cells are exfoliated with natural ingredients, natural pumice and special products containing fruit extracts and scrubs. After treatment of the skin is done by a special composition to prevent blisters and drying of the skin in future.

An essential component of a spa pedicure is a foot massage.

Foot massage brings invaluable benefits to the whole body. The feet have a huge number of biologically active points. As a result of their stimulation, entire body’s spirits feel uplifted. Foot massage has regenerating properties. Add to this foot massage, a delicate scent of aromatic oils and soft music – and you’ll realize what a treat it is!

Another very enjoyable and useful procedure for pedicure is a paraffin wrap for the feet.
It is especially nice to do in the winters. To start with, the leg is immersed in warm paraffin till the ankle, and then special socks are worn, in which the subscriber luxuriates for 10 – 15 minutes. Paraffin wrap is not only beneficial to the skin of legs and feet, it also completely removes and prevents cracks and calluses. It also helps with arthritis and the effects of trauma to the feet in addition to a soft thermal effect on the foot.

The result of a spa pedicure is a groomed and healthy feet and nails and good mood too! Spa pedicure gives an excellent result for any condition of the skin of the feet and allow you to relax and have fun as with a full spa treatment.

So where is the delay? It’s time to call Day Spa Coral Springs and indulge in some self pampering massage, facial, manicure, pedicure or whatever therapy you think your body requires.

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